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The integrative objective of EE-IT is to develop methods for designing secure and reliable ICT systems based on rigorous theories of system verification and data analytics, and applying these methods to healthcare and cyber physical systems.

Research is refined into two thematic groups and the two groups are further refined by defining 10 mutually dependent cooperation themes (5 in each group).

Secure and Reliable CPS:

  1. Dependable Robotic Applications

  2. Adaptive Middleware for Reliable CPS

  3. Functional Reactive Programming for CPS

  4. Soft Transducers for CPS and Bio-applications

  5. Sensing and Sensor Signal Processing in Distributed Data
    Acquisition Systems

Secure and Reliable IT Services​:

  1. Human Biosignal Analysis for Novel Healthcare

  2. Privacy Analysis of Business Processes

  3. Secure Implementations of Parallel Algorithms

  4. Security and Privacy Analysis of e-Governance Protocols

  5. Intrusion Detection in IoT

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